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The Half Ass Expeditions Guide to Winter Hiking Equipment

     One of the best things about hiking is all the cool stuff you get to play with. The coolest thing about this stuff is you get to carry it into the woods on your back. Needless to say, you won't be packing in your two pound Leatherman or that two burner Coleman camp stove. You're looking for the lightest and the best to maximize the wilderness experience. From the latest in LED photon technology to the pure survival power of the Sven Saw, HAE loves to ratchet-jaw about GEAR..!

Featured Articles:

Boreal 21 Folding Saw  new stuff from HAE
  Has Sven met his match?
HAE's Backwoods Boiler
  Hot water for Cold times.
From Skateboards to Snowshoes  

  Re-purpose that skate deck.
Vapor Barrier Liner for Sleep Systems.
  Moisture control for your sack.
Lighting Up the Kelly Kettle
   Your own personal volcano.
Gear Sleds for Snowshoe Camping
   Give your back a break.
HAE's Gear Hall of Fame
   Gone but not forgotten.
Introducing the Thwam Thwacker
   Your backwoods blast furnace.
The Kitbag Examined
   Don't go into the woods without yours.
Stove Wars
   Years of burned fingers and hot meals.
HAE's Packs
   Finally... a look inside.
Ode to a Saw Called Sven
   Poetic praise for a piece of gear.
Lighten up, LED Flashlights Rule!
   An illuminating innovation.
   Cook with less stove fuel!

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