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Bigelow Range
Big Maine

Bigelow Range, ME        HAE returns to the Bigelow Range to revisit and re-enact the events of the 1988 Into Big Maine epic. A five day trek, the Team was hoping to get to the top of Bigelow. The peak was never bagged due to incredibly deep snow. The team did enjoy perfect weather and had the opportunity to go back in time and rekindle the great fires that made them satellite images. New gear to test, a snow cave to build and tons of snow to chuff. Stay tuned for a complete update. In the meantime here are some photos from this year's expedition:

river crossing
A dangerous river crossing.

sleds up for the climb
Sleds up for the climb.

stool hiking
Vincentoli hikes to take a dump .

campsite at the AT
Timur at the Appalachian Trail campsite .

snow cave inspection
Inspecting the snow cave .

Snow cave engineer with the "Bigelow Shovel".

JB falls off the bridge.
Whoops... (rollover image)

Sled Pack team
The complete HAE sled pack system.

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