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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Corporate Board Room
Megacorp Industries

     An impeccably dressed, sweet smelling, imported shoe wearing gomer with perfect hair was using his laser pointer to make his pitch to the HAE Team. "We can have our Chinese manufacturers produce a line of fully posable HAE Action figures before May and... "

     "Look," Vincentoli stood up and bisected the laser's path. "We don't want the toys or the movie deal."

     Timur stared in disbelief. Marcus' jaw thumped against the mahogany conference table. McAnus stood quickly, holding up his hand with a universally understood halting motion. "Wait a minute, Vincentoli... I thought we wanted the movie deal?"

     "...and the action figures with the Wilderness Assault Lumber Cycle." Timur whined. His lower lip protruded enough to reveal a disapproving frown.

      Vincentoli slammed his fist on the table. Marcus had never seen Vincentoli so pissed. McAnus recoiled and Timur cowered behind his arms.

     "We want the cereal... HAE cereal." Vincentoli was visibly enraged... "If I don't see our faces staring at me from a brightly colored box while I'm munching a bowl of sugar frosted backpack shapes with marshmallow saws, the deal is OFF!"

Yep, that's right. YOU can be on the HAE team! So drop the saw, get out your wallet and click over to our membership page to get signed up! Go... NOW...


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