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January 25, 2009

HAE Returns to the Old Ways

burn, baby, burn    CARRABASETT, MAINE - Half Ass Expeditions returns to the Bigelow Preserve in search of the infamous "Frodo's Camp", going back in time as they revive the classic thrash, trash and burn camp style that made them famous.

    The saws were out and the great Maine wilderness received its yearly trim with renewed vigor. HAE's annual expedition went retro this year as less gas was burned and more trees were felled. At one point, no less than three saws were in the field reducing the forest into fuel nuggets for the HAE flames.

Kelly Kettle    Deep snow and total white trash conditions forced the Half Ass Expeditions team to abandon the summit and burn great quantities of wood. With the addition of the wood burning Kelly Kettle, HAE's lastest camping equipment aquisition, the demand for fuel sent the HAE clearcutting crew into the forest in search of the finest Maine hardwoods. "We don't need no steenking gas stove" Timur announced triumphantly as he fired up the Kettle for another round of hot toddys.

    Several agencies protecting the fragile northwoods environment voiced their concerns and warned against HAE's rapid destruction of the Maine woods. "Kiss my big brown spot" Vincentoli shouted as he felled another tree. "HAE is preventing the next wildfire by dragging down all this standing deadwood. We should be paid for our efforts."

The Maine woods on a sled

    Half Ass Expeditions is widely known for the near fatal events on Mount Bigelow, Maine in 1988, chronicled in their online adventure classic, Into Big Maine. HAE is responsible for countless acres of deforestation in northern New England during their well publicized annual winter backpacking expeditions.

2009 Team photo

See more photos from the 2009 Bigelow Preserve Expedition HERE.

Half Ass Expeditions factory outlet

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